Of InTerest To ME MusiCal Instruements SEGMENt 2 ParT 1! The English Horn

The excitement you feel right now can only truly be expressed through the recent words of Charlie Sheen. OMG Jon! What’s an Englisenglih hornh Horn?!?! Tell me or my face will explode! (what?) Well little Children the English Horn is not the most common instrument of your life so I’ll start with what I know. I do know that the English is a double Reed instrument that is also in the key of f. And even though you’re thinking haha that’s so dumb the English Horn is pretty cool and came out strictly in the Baroque periods of music. Now what I have read from Google is that the English Horn was invented in France and a tenor form of the Oboe.    http://www2.si.umich.edu/chico/instrument/pages/enghrn_gnrl.html  Oh actually I know more! The English Horn has some structural similarities and differences to the Oboe. Despite the fact that the English Horn is in F and looks the same color wise and button wise, the English Horn looks like some one took the Top of an Oboe and Bent it out of hate. And then blew into the bottom since it has a bubble formation. Anyway I have exceeded my 150 word limit (as i write this I hit 210) Thanks for Caring!