Challenge 2, Rosa Parks

Challenge 2 (BTW)Well, in all honesty I couldn’t mess with my already existing avatar, oops, but you know I tried. I’m like the Rosa Parks of my avatar picture because I can’t change it, the only real differences are that I’m not refusing I just can’t and Rosa was an African American facing Prejudice acts and discrimination…. Same thing though right?  But I kind of feel that my picture accurately describes me. Despite the mid-evil ages image that shows me as the heroic and just kind of amazing knight, that picture has value. At that point I was in Germany at some tacky tourist shop, and my group was just about to go take a tour inside the castle Neuschwanstein (CLICK IT) I really think the picture describes me on a deep level though, because it shows my serious side as well as my desire to learn the German language, and my sense of humor, which is just the most ostentatious representation  of who I am. And that picture being loaded into the computer is kinda like, actually exactly what the video Digital Dossier was about. Personally I really despise the fact that currently, anyone is checking what I’m doing, seriously? Is that necessary?! Well ok, if I just threatened like a nuclear missile attack yes, but the only crime I’m committing right now is not eating the four individually wrapped Reese’s cups sitting before me. The slide show of avatars…..  about that……. I’m extremely prone to messing up directions so that will eventually be uploaded I promise, but seriously Oreo’s won the race to my attention. Back to the Dossier though, I really try not to fill out any form that requires my interest. I think it’s because of my acute fear of axe murderers. Or that I hate junk mail?  OOoo that’s nifty. Almost 129 names were attached to Jon Crotsley but my middle name Edward and last name attracted attention to famous people, and somehow Oprah Winfrey?!?!? Did you know we were cousins? Just kidding, she’s too old, and my weight doesn’t drastically change every other episode. (just kidding.) Anyway 350 words is too many so enjoy this video of A GIRL TRIPPING OVER HURDLES. Thanks For Caring! 😀

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